Constant Grip Pressure – Big Key!

Sounds easy… it is for some and it’s not for others. My method focuses on using the Large Muscles to control your golf swing. For the Large Muscles to take control, there has to be no disruption from the hands taking over during the swing. Once learned, the results are awesome. The more control you have with your grip pressure, the better and better you strike the ball. The feeling is like your shoulders, arms and club are one unit, not disconnected levers and pieces hoping to reconnect at the ball.

Why is it difficult to keep your hands passive during the swing?

A large part of our brains is dedicated to hand movement. We do so many things with our hands. Moving our hands to accomplish tasks starts at a very young age. So now Ross says, don’t use your hands to hit the ball. Well, some things take work and practice to overcome. The trade off it so worth it once learned. The golf swing becomes effortless, continuous, repeatable, predictable and powerful.

If you analyze the traditional golf swing, it is hard to believe anyone could ever hit a ball. There are so many levers sliding, moving, lifting, hinging and the whole time the hands are rolling the club face open and closed.

Learning to control your grip pressure, keeps the club face square the entire swing, so direction is greatly improved. Learning to control your grip pressure, allows the shoulders to dominate the arms and club creating powerful potential on the backswing and allows the body to control the downswing. And, since the hands did not take over and disrupt the flow… the club face easily returns right back to impact square with the shaft leading for a repeatable, solid golf shot.

The best way to learn to control your grip pressure is with many, many shots into a net with no ball result… just body feedback. You will feel your hands becoming more and more passive. You’ll hear the ball striking become more and more powerful. Your grip pressure (about a 3 on a scale from 1-10) holds the grip just tight enough to control the club. Once again, you want to feel the shoulders, arms and club become one unit that the body can control on the downswing.