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Athletic Setup

A great golf swing starts with an Athletic Setup. You will experience huge improvements once you setup Balanced and Ready … Athletic.


  • Ross Ross says:

    Hi Ryan
    Back in the day, I didn’t setup with the shaft already in line with the front arm, but would do a forward press to start the swing (essentially, putting it in line)… some of my older videos have this. The forward press was an extra step and had room for inconsistency… so I now teach to start ALL shots with the shaft in line. If it starts in line, it is easier for the shoulders to move the arms/club in one piece. Hope this helps.

  • Avatar Ryan marion says:

    In this video you do not appear to have the shaft inline with the lead srm and the left wrist is cupped at address. Do you recommend this setup with fairway woods, driver, etc?


  • Ross Ross says:

    Hi Alfred
    Yes, sorry for the confusion. With my golf swing (for 40 years), I would not have the shaft in line at setup and would start my swing with a forward press (to put the shaft in line with the front arm). I now teach setting up already with the shaft in line to eliminate the forward press. Much more consistent. Please start with the shaft in line already at setup for all clubs. You will improve.

    On Drivers or any equipment. My method does not change. There may be some subtle changes in tee height for Driver or distance between the front foot and where you choose to play the ball to hit the sweet spot of the particular Driver you are using. Those are up to the individual golfer. I do have a new video in the Members Area on Driver.

  • Ross Ross says:

    Hi Fred
    Yes. This “Forward Press” is the equivalent of “Starting with the shaft in line with the front arm.” I played for 40 years using a forward press (and many pros still do), by starting the takeaway moving the shaft of the club over, in line with the front arm, just before starting it back. I realized, just setting up with the shaft already in line to avoid one extra step makes the golf swing more reliable and less complicated. Some of my videos still had a forward press, but the newer videos I setup already in line. Setting up with the shaft in line and the forward press, both do the same thing.

    Why have the shaft in line?

    There are two very important reasons I think:

    1. With the shaft in line, it is very easy to push the club to the top of the backswing using your front shoulder. If your front wrist is bent in, the club can stick in the ground and lags behind the shoulder turn and will have to be manipulated by the hands to hinge.

    2. A solid golf shot at impact, will have the shaft in line with the front arm and leading the club face. This creates the divot after the ball automatically. So, if you start with the shaft already in line with the front arm, it is very easy to return to a solid impact position.