The Takeaway Using the Front Shoulder – Video

There has been some confusion on how to start the golf swing and where the arms and club go.

What we want to do is wind up our golf swing from top down. This creates great potential power vs. just lifting the arms.

To do this, we want to wind our shoulders around our spine. Now comes the problem. Our spine angle changes a little for every club.

The best way I found to wind the shoulders around our spine, is from a book I once read called One Move to Better Golf by Carl Lohren. His concept was to use the front shoulder to start the shoulders winding around the spine. I have taught this for many years and have seen great results with most of my students. We want to push our front shoulder in the direction that would wind up the shoulders based on our spine tilt or angle. I know that sounds complicated. If you were standing straight up and down, you would push back level to the ground, but once you tilt some, your front shoulder pushes around your tilted spine or up the tilt plane … the shoulders wind up 90° to your spine angle.

I found over the years having my students push straight back using their front shoulder, would wind their shoulders around their spine, BUT I have found some golfers push their front shoulder DOWN instead of around their spine. This can lead to problems.

Watch this:

One way to practice this is to stand upright with your club and arms out in front of you, then start the takeaway using the front shoulder and just turn your shoulders around your spine level. Now, tilt a bit forward and push again using the front shoulder and you should feel the club travel more around your spine and up the tilt plane. The arms will never lift or help.

This is an awesome move once learned… just difficult to explain.

Please contact me if you’re not sure.