The Hands are NOT Repeatable in the golf swing… What is?

Most golfers use their hands during the golf swing. They use their hands on the takeaway… or use their hands to hinge the club… or to try to direct the club on plane … or hit at the ball … or release to point the club at the target. Fact is, the hands are unreliable and inconsistent. The hands can move so many directions and then when you add in the wrists hinging in many different directions too, it makes it almost impossible to return exactly how you were at setup. Hence, 8 hrs a day practice to try to groove it. (Will never happen) … they will break down under pressure. So what do I use??

A much more reliable, efficient golf swing will use the shoulders on the takeaway first while you resist with the lower body and then use the hips to start the downswing unwinding and continue unwinding with the body all the way to the finish. THE HANDS ARE PASSIVE DURING THE WHOLE SWING!! If you learn to keep them from taking over on the takeaway or trying to forcibly hinge or hit at the ball, all of a sudden the large muscles take over (because something has to generate power. The result … a much more consistent, powerful, repeatable golf swing. And if fixes automatically, any timing issues you may have had. Using the shoulders and hips and core for the source of power will amaze you. It is very natural… like throwing a ball… the knees, move the hips, move the torso, move the shoulders to sling the arm through. You don’t stop your body half way when you throw a ball and let your hands and arm pass… why would you on the golf swing?

Practice hitting golf shots being totally aware of your grip pressure throughout the entire swing. Keep your grip pressure the same (do not let it change even a little) and you will see a dramatic difference…

The "Hands" … the Real Problem

I always felt the “Hands” were the big problem in golf. The hands can move so many different ways. They also can work against each other. But the real “Key” came when I realized if the hands are active during the swing (like trying to release or hit the ball using the hands), the body always stops rotating (just for a fraction of a second) to support this hit.  Ah Ha! so what happens when the body stops is… the club hands and arms now pass the body and this is a VERY WEAK POSITION.

 First, the radius (which should be a straight line down the front arm in line with the shaft leading the club face) is cut in half (because the wrist is bent at impact).   Also, the “Athletic” aspect is gone which would have ALL THE BODY moving or trapping the golf ball while it turns.  This flipped position also now closes the club face and makes the ball go left (right hander).  As the arms pass the body rotation, they create a new path to the left and pull the ball.  Now instead of the body pulling the arms through, the arms are now pulling the body (not good).