Productive vs. Non-Productive

Most golfers have many non-productive (not needed or detrimental) movements.  Moves that found their way into the golfer’s routine and that they may not be aware of.  Some of these moves help but most hurt and should be actively eliminated or changed.  Here are some non-productive moves and their replacement productive move:

A waggle originating from wrists.    
   Replace with:  Shaft in line with front arm and use your front shoulder to push the club straight back with no wrists.  This gets the shoulders starting the takeaway and teaches the hands to be passive.  Feel your shoulders move your arms and club all the way to the top.

A practice swing that starts with your hip sliding and slinging your arms up to the top.  
   Replace with:  A delibrate takeaway from the front shoulder while you restrict with your lower body… or another way to restrict your lower body is to “Hold your Front Knee” while you push your arms and club back with the front shoulder.

Looking at the target while you are walking up to your ball. 
   Replace with:  Watch a spot about 2 feet in front of the ball as you approach and turn to setup to the ball. Avoid looking at the target at this point.  The reason is that most golfers misalign themselves as they are watching the target and turning to setup and almost always close their stance.  Check this out by putting a club on the ground on your toe line once you are setup.  This club line should be parallel to the target line NOT POINT AT THE TARGET.