Keeping Your Hands Out Of Your Golf Swing

Muscle memory takes many repetitions to over come (daily for weeks, months). Your subconscious mind (where your current golf swing resides), does not want to let go of old habits until convinced that the new is better… this takes time (you can not fool yourself). It also takes many positive experiences before trust sets in. The real key to keeping your hands out of the swing, is allowing the Large Muscles to control everything. You want your shoulders to carry your arms/club on the backswing… and the entire body (unwinding) to control the downswing. This takes some time and many repetitions to train them… but very doable… Ross

FYI… if your hands get active on the backswing, they’ll be active on the downswing and when the hands are active, THE BODY STOPS ROTATING (not good)… it is one or the other.

My method has an Athletic Body Rotation through impact, trapping the ball with the whole body and while the body is unwinding… if the body stops turning to let the hands take over… all is lost… that is the other golf swing everyone already has.