How to Practice Impact – How does it Feel??

One of my students wrote me asking how the body looks and feels at impact. This is what I wrote back:

Here is the best way to know exactly how impact feels:

With a club (7 iron) setup to the leg of a couch just inside your front foot (not in the middle)… now push on the leg of the couch by unwinding your body from ground up (knees & hips slightly lead the chest & shoulders). At this point your hips are slightly opened and your shoulders are even less open but EVERYTHING IS PUSHING (against the couch) EVENLY. All the body is helping at impact. This is how powerful turn players (most of the Ryder Cup team) hit the ball. They are turning all the way to the finish. Their swings are very committed and uninterrupted and the ball just gets in the way and is trapped by the turn. No throwing or flipping with the hands. The hands are PASSIVE during the swing. Then the big muscles take over for a powerful repeatable swing. Hope this helps… Ross

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