Use Large Muscles to Control Your Golf Swing for Consistency

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  1. Ross I have such a bad habit of using my arms on the downswing to hit the ball. Any drills that I can use to just engage the hips. I take the club back fine using my shoulders but it is really difficult to just use my hips on the downswing Thanks

    1. Hi Kerry
      Yes, The Finish Drill, the Large Muscles Drill and the Stop Rotate Drill, all will help (force you) to use the correct muscles. Just do them (correctly) and your turn will improve. This move is just like throwing a ball. If you’re not sure, simulate throwing a ball and you should be using the correct muscle sequence as you unwind.

  2. I spent the last two days going thru every video of yours. I then broke down all my notes and headed to the range. For some reason everything is weak right…not a slice, just weak right. When I went back to your drills I did the club back to parallel and thru with only a 50% swing the ball went straight and crisp.
    I cannot find a fix for this…tried many things. It seems as though my swing path at impact is outside in if anything. Am I blocking it? Too tight grip pressure? Swaying?(I actually did your sway drill and it did not appear I was swaying).

    Very frustrating with such theory that you show to struggle so mightily. I know it take time but wow is it frustrating.

    1. Your face is open. Might be your front elbow not pointing back at the front hip at impact. Might be that you’re not turning continuously all the way to the finish and the arms/club passing the body’s rotation with an open club face. The theory works if all elements are properly executed. You’re missing something. If you send a couple videos it will be easy to spot where/when you’re opening the face… or why the ball is weak right.

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