Down the Line Video


One video that would be helpful for me would be “down the line” of your swing. There is one on keeping the club face square but with wrist hinging and longer backswing which now is not recommended. Also visually seeing what a shorter backswing looks like from “down the line” might help with mirror practice . Thanks.


Were there “Down the Line” Videos posted after this request? I would also find those helpful.

Sorry, no. I don’t like “positions” or a view of what something is supposed to look like. Every golfer is different, moves different and has a different body make up. If a student thinks they are not doing something right… they’ll manipulate their arms or wrists during the swing to try to get to a “position” and the position might not fit their body type and disconnects from the Large Muscles.

I’d prefer talking over a students swing video, they send me, so I can help correct something the right way. It may be a “setup” issue that changes the “look” at the top of the backswing vs. the student trying to manufacture the look during the swing. I hope this makes sense. If you’re not sure, send me a Down The Line swing video (no charge) and I’ll take a look.

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