Simulate this Move and Decide for Yourself

Setup like you are addressing and imaginary ball, with your back foot about 3′ from a wall. Now, imagine you are in the middle of the downswing just at impact. Also, imagine there is an elastic band attached from your hands to the wall you are pulling on. If you just use your hands to pull on the elastic band, you will get “X” feedback about how powerful that is (old traditional release the club technique). Now, imagine you are pulling the elastic band by turning or rotating at impact. Your whole body is pulling the band equally and together. This is what using Large Muscles and not just the hands feels like at impact. You have the “Mass” of your entire body and the “Speed” of your body rotation moving the ball. Plus, your radius is twice as long and the face stays square. Much more combined power. Much more reliability. Takes some practice to get the hands from taking over, but this technique is much more consistent once learned. I will shoot a video on this soon to demonstrate.

You could also setup with a club in a door way and simulate impact with a body rotation pushing at impact using your entire body for the same effect.

How to Not Use Hands in Heavy Rough – Discipline

One of my students stated that he thought that my method of using the “Turn” and Large Muscles to hit the ball was great but, it would be hard to not help with the hands in heavy rough. Here is my reply that addresses a common short fall of many golfers that want to change their swing:

Heavy rough can change things and yes it does take concentration to not feel the need to help using the hands. What eventually eliminates the use of the hands is practice, discipline and a routine that does not use hands but just uses the “Mass” of the body turn. Everything throughout the body, arms and club is moving the ball the ball equally. The more my students groove passive hands during the swing, the more the Large Muscles control the swing. Once this is trusted and becomes automatic, hands are not an option (because they won’t help just disrupt). This is evolved but attainable with players who practice and trust their routine and visualization. This takes discipline for about 12 sec per shot but, months of practice to learn Discipline.