Ross’ New Golf Instruction – Beta Concepts

DUPLESSISGOLF is progressive and leading edge because, I am constantly thinking of new and better ways to simplify and improve the golf swing. For those of you on the edge, I’m making this “In-testing Concepts” page. It is for ideas that may improve setup, consistency or performance.

These concepts may range from Setup to Swing or Mental prospects like:

Isometric Impact Mapping:
…an idea I have for an isometric exercise that pushes setup into impact up against a door jam, and holds it, programing all the muscles being used. I think this exercise “Maps Impact” mentally creating muscle memory isometrically… then during the swing, the mind could recall the exercise and return to perfect impact position.

The Fixed Triangle or Constant Elbows & Grip Pressure
If the elbows are close and maintain their relationship the entire swing and the grip pressure is fixed and maintained, amazing things happen. All the Large Muscles take control.
This concept is an imaginary fixed triangle created by the two elbows fixed close together and the fixed wrists. I think of these as 3 fixed pressure points in a triangle that is inside the main triangle created by your shoulders and wrists. By maintaining pressure equally at the 3 points of the inside triangle.. the elbows relationship and the fixed wrists don’t break down and actually allow the shoulders to dominate the backswing and the body to control the downswing.