How To Get The Most Out of Your Lifetime Membership

We all know there’s no quick fix for the golf swing or for golf in general. There is however, lasting change and continued improvement with guidance and correct practice.

– If you just watch a few lesson videos looking for that magic piece, you’ll get X improvement.

– If you watch all the lesson videos many times, and practice some on the range, you’ll improve 2X.

– If you watch all the lesson videos many times, and contact me with questions about your game and how my instruction can be used, you’ll improve 3X.

– Now, if you first send me a couple swing videos (Golf Swing Analysis, included in the Membership), and watch the specific videos I recommend many times, and practice the drills I recommend for you many times, email me with questions if unsure, then email me with progress or struggle reports for help, then send updated improvement videos so I can see how your improving, you’re now taking advantage of the best part. Someone overlooking your practice and development, that keeps you focused, and is an incentive to practice and change.

FYI … Almost all the student testimonials with positive improvements, had a direct relationship with me via Contact me or Email (sometimes phone). I’m here if you want help.