Communication can be difficult sometimes. Everyone hears and interprets differently. It is hard to cover all interpretations and keep it simple. If you are not sure or are unclear about a Lesson Video or Comment, please Contact me so I can help you understand.


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  1. Ross,
    You are so right when you talk about hearing and interpretation. Just for reference, as an example, for me how the arm’s work has been one of the biggest hurdles. In the early day’s of taking your instruction your word’s that the arm’s are brought down by the rotation driven by the lower body were interpreted that the arm’s were descending after already being raised at the top of the back swing. After your recent discussion on the arm’s and my mail’s, I believe that the arm’s descend WITH the upper torso (due to spine axis tilt) as a function of the turn, NOT descending from a raised position. As you said, the arm’s are NOT raised away from the body during the back swing. This is really starting to make a BIG difference to the quality of my shot’s but it has taken about a year to get to this point.
    Keep up the good work – I really try to analyse and practice everything you say. Best Regard’s, Dave

    1. Hi Dave
      I love your well thought out comments and replies. I wish I could see all my students in person. I just had a student fly out for a few days of lessons and in a couple of hours he was amazed. He had been working with my videos, but it was totally different for him in person. I could immediately see things he needed for setup and his swing, and tweak him a bit and he got it. Now, he needs to put in the time, repetitions and incorporate into his routine.

      FYI… I am on to a couple awesome, tie-it-all-together concepts. Controlling the Elbows or “Elbows Pressure” (another, I need to make up a term for this), plays a huge part in letting the Large Muscles take control. I’m working on a blog post now.

      Also, did you see the new Trapping Impact Drill? This is very helpful for controlling flipping through impact.

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