Hit Hybrids & Woods Easily off the Fairway

I think setup is one of the main reason golfers struggle with fairway woods off the ground. Here is an easy fix!

The lowest point of the golf swing arc is directly below your front shoulder. So, now that you know that, we do not want to drive the golf ball down into the ground, so you must start by dropping the concept that the ball position will ever be in the middle (*never). You want to impact the ball, right at the bottom of the swing arc while you are turning. You will move the ball with your body rotation, not by throwing the club head at the ball. Impact must be a straight line of the shaft in line with the front arm and a square face!

Follow this new setup:
This setup for your Hybrids and Woods will make hitting off the fairway a breeze. My method starts by always imagining a straight line from your Front Foot to the Club Head. This straight line, will always be 90° to the target line.

Setup for Woods & Hybrids - DUPLESSISGOLF
Setup for Woods & Hybrids – DUPLESSISGOLF

Once you learn your new setup, just follow my 3 magic words Hold, Shoulders, Hips. Hold your back knee, while you wind your Shoulders around your spine, then start the downswing from ground up, using your Hips and unwinding all the way to the finish. It is essential that you keep the shaft in line with the front arm as you turn and trap the ball. If you flip or throw the club head you’ll pull or hook or top it.

* Playing the ball in the middle, is for a golf swing that hits at the ball with hands. Not athletic, not powerful, not repeatable.

Setup vs. Impact – Not much difference

At setup, the elbows point at the hips, then as you turn thru impact, they again point at the hips (tho the hips are slightly turned unwinding). This photo shows setup, then impact during a swing… not much difference. On the downswing the arms and hands are passive and just go along for a ride with the body turn. Notice the hands ahead and how the shaft is bowed (not flipped). This is what automatically hits down on the ball. It naturally happens, if you turn and keep your hands quiet. Oh, one other misconception you hear is, “Clear your hips”…I disagree… you want to use your hips for power thru impact. They are turning, but have not cleared. They are helping.

Traditional Golf Instruction – Misconceptions

Here are some of the many “Traditional Misconceptions” that are still being taught today:

1.   Setup with your weight on the balls of your feet.
– This is out of balance and a weak non-athletic position. The body does not like to be out of balance and will try to “Right” itself during the swing. If you setup in balance, square to gravity (Athletically), you will be much more relaxed and consistent.

2.   Waggle the club to relax.
– This is a non-productive, anxious movement getting the hands ready to be used for the takeaway and to hit at the ball. This undermines the large muscle concept that uses the shoulders for the takeaway and the hips and body to turn through to the finish. The ball is trapped during the turn with the whole body, not hit at with the hands.

3.   Shift your weight to the back foot.
– This is not what happens in a powerful takeaway and backswing. In a more efficient swing, the shoulders push back and wind into a restricted lower body for tork and potential. If you slide, or shift your weight back, you will never be consistent in returning back to the ball… For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Slide on the takeaway, you will slide even more through impact. Lose this variable and you will improve IMMEDIATELY!

4.   Play the ball in the middle of your stance.
The radius of the swing is a line down your front arm in line with the shaft to the end of the club. The longest point on this radius is at your front shoulder down to the ground. Any farther back and the club goes right into the ground, or you have to lift up, or what most do, is flip their wrists at impact and cut the radius in half as to not hurt themselves. When you learn to turn through impact, you will naturally pick up the ball just inside the front foot for all shots! What changes from club to club (Ben Hogan) is the back foot relationship to the inside the front foot ball position. In other words, as the clubs get shorter, the back foot comes in closer to the front foot (not the ball moving back). THE BALL IN THE MIDDLE FORCES YOU TO FLIP AND NOT TURN.

5.   Release the club at the target.
Read “The Body Stops when you use your hands to “HIT” the ball Click Here

6.   Setup with the shaft of the club 90 degrees to your spine.
If you look at impact of the best golfers it is a straight line down the front arm, through the shaft to the ball. The shaft must be leading slightly. This angle is what creates a divot (Not hitting down on it) it happens naturally if you turn. So… if you setup this the shaft pointing at your spine (belly) this is weak and broken and will have to be fixed during the swing to get to the straight line at impact. Also this broken setup of the wrists pre-flipped will force you to flip again at impact thus, cutting the radius in half and the body stops rotating (not good). Answer… setup with the shaft in line with the front arm. The shaft should point at your arm pit.

7.   Club face on plane with the front arm on the backswing.
Coming soon.

8.   Hinge the club  on plane with the front arm.
Coming soon.

9.   The hands and arms release the club.
Coming soon.

10.   Toe up Toe up (hello mishit)
Coming soon.

11.   Keep your head down (LOL).
Coming soon.

more to come…

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