Can’t Login – Videos Start & Stop

When you access DUPLESSISGOLF.COM, you are using a “Browser” of some kind through the internet. This means, you need sufficient internet bandwidth to begin with, and a clean (cookies* and spyware** free) browser for best performance.

Even your mobile devices are using browsers (Safari – iPhone/iPad or Opera-Mini and others – Android). Browsers need to have their Cookies/History removed occasionally for best performance or so you can reconnect.

How to Remove Cookies/History

Depending on the browser you are using, you are trying to find (usually under settings or preferences), the setting that REMOVES COOKIES or COOKIES/HISTORY/CACHE. You can easily go to Google search and look for how to remove cookies for your particular browser, in your particular environment.

Videos Start & Stop
First, it is not the lesson video. If the lesson video starts then stops or freezes, then starts again, it is because you do not have sufficient bandwidth for some reason. If on a mobile device, maybe you do not have full 3G 4G LTE or WiFi (with very good bandwidth), or you’re inside a building blocking your reception. It always comes down to the same issue… “you do not have enough internet”. Again, your internet may be choked by cookies/history/spyware in your browser.

If you still can not login, please use the Contact me form to let me know… Ross

* Cookies are old versions of a webpages stored for faster load next time you use the page. The problem is these pages change, and an older “cookie version” can keep you from logging in and will need to removed so it can be updated. Also, large numbers of cookies slow your browser down. My opinion: REMOVE FREQUENTLY FOR BEST PERFORMANCE.

** Spyware are little programs left behind on your computer (PC mostly) that use up your bandwidth to communicate about what you are doing, back to whoever put it on your computer to begin with. Removing them gives you more bandwidth to view lesson videos and improve faster.