Trapping Impact with your Body Rotation – Video

In this video, you’ll see my method uses the body rotation to trap the ball as it unwinds. At impact, everything is moving the ball, not just the club head. There is no hitting at the ball with the hands… your body-turn moves the ball athletically, like throwing a ball. Notice the ball position is by the front hip. This is where an “athletic rotation” occurs.

Speakers on to hear impact with the turn –

3 thoughts on “Trapping Impact with your Body Rotation – Video”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the easiest golf swing. The secret being body rotation not arm swing.I was already working with keeping my hands from rotating but was having
    problems until i found your video on keeping the face square and using body rotation
    huge improvement in my golf game.even my golf partner was impressed. Again thank you for that one video that changed my game.

  2. Ross, I was taught square to square in the 60’s when I played on the golf team and got away from it. I just happened onto your swing videos on You tube and was pleasantly surprised by the instruction. It brought back memories of when I played my best. I strayed over the years and have tried lots of different golf swings. I watched about 8 of your videos and you brought back many of the lessons I learned from my Pro. I took them to the driving range today and hit the ball as good as I have hit it in 20 years. I do plan to buy the membership, or ask for it as a Father’s day present. Thank you for helping me enjoy golf again. Regards, tony

    1. Thanks Tony. That is really great to hear. Remember a golf swing analysis comes with the Membership, so send me a couple swing videos if you want me to take a look… Ross

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