The Ross Move – Video

I realized that using the body to control the arms and club on the downswing, was very repeatable and powerful. So, what happened, was… I wanted to use the body in an athletic unwinding move, but sometimes the arms/club were left behind and all kinds of problems could come from that. I knew I needed a thought for my students to use this power from the body. So I thought, use the body unwinding, to “Pull” the arms and club back down in front of the body (like setup) as we continue turning. It is very important that the body leads all the way to the finish. The arms and hands NEVER move on their own. Here is a video that will show you how to use The Ross Move:

[vimeo 34523634 w=500 h=375]

2 thoughts on “The Ross Move – Video”

  1. Is your teaching method similar to Doug Tewell the ex pro golfer..?
    I do like the way you explain your method.I am returning to golf from a long lay off..and I need to be simple i am more restricted in the body movements..I like the idea of just using the bigger muscles. There are so many teachers out there saying different things.. its very off putting. A the moment i have no consistency. I am looking to join you.. Raymond.

    1. Hi Raymond
      If my method is similar to Doug Tewell, it is by accident, because I have never looked at any of his teaching. I did look at a few instructors 25 years ago, but none recently. My method developed mainly from teaching thousands of lessons, while contently looking for better ways.

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