Shaft in line with Front Arm – Video

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  1. Ross:
    Started recently and am very pleased. After 6 range buckets over several days I have hit no shanks – not one. I have two questions/issues:

    1. Setting up with shaft in line with front arm confuses me because the club head appears so far back in my stance when I create the triangle with my arms & elbows. Let’s say the ball is just inside my front foot ….

    2.. Today I practiced the impact zone drills. The ball went almost as far as my regular swing (a 3/4 swing). I suspect I’m letting the club get in front of my hands but I can’t “feel” that. Sound right?


    1. Hi David
      1. This takes a little practice. When the shaft is in line with the front arm, essentially the butt end of the shaft should be point to your front side or just below your arm pit. The butt of the club should not be pointing outside your body or in front of your body. This can make the club head seem too far back in the stance.

      Also, what affects this is many golfers (out of habit), plant their feet first arbitrarily or parallel, then try to fit everything else based on the feet already set. This is backwards of how it should be. Once the shaft is in line with the front arm, elbows towards each other, pointing back at your hips, that hangs down and you use your feet to walk over and sit down behind the ball, and that dictates where the feet should be. We want to key off of our template of the arms/club hanging, to dictate where we will place our feet. This “feet line” will probably be slightly open to the target line, which is okay. If our feet are set up closed or parallel to the target line, this can make the club head look too far back in the stance. Also,You do not want to drop or lower your back shoulder to try to get the club head more forward. Shoulders must be natural and level. The key is the arm setup and let it hang, then use that as a guide, when you move over behind the ball and sit down.

      2. I’m not sure what you mean by this David. You should feel more distance with less effort because this method is more efficient. My method uses the core mass and rotation to move the ball. You can change up the distance easily just by speeding up or slowing down your rotation. You do not want that club head to pass the hands or handle through impact. that happens much later in the swing. At impact, you should be feeling like you’re holding your grip pressure constant and pulling it around to the left with your body.

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