Release the Club Head At Impact Is Not Repeatable

Actively trying to release the club head through impact is NOT reliable. It causes the body to stop turning to support the throw. It cuts the radius of the swing in half while decelerating the club head. It also adds cut or draw (you may not want) to almost every shot because the face is either opening or closing.

Yes, the club head will eventually release, but not into the ball by the hands… it releases later in the swing naturally when you have finished turning. This natural release occurs when grip pressure is kept constant during the swing.

When using the Large Muscles, the body does not stop unwinding, to let the club/arms pass and overtake the body rotation. THE BODY BRINGS THE CLUB AROUND, THE CLUB DOES NOT BRING THE BODY AROUND.

Since this golf swing does not rely on throwing or flipping to hit the ball, the face is always square. The shaft is always in the correct position, leading the club face for a solid shot. The whole body traps the ball and is much more reliable. You will learn more watching the Lesson Videos.

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  1. I am a 70 plus senior, switched from conventional to NATURAL GOLF 8 YEARS AGO
    handicap went from 17 to 30 plus, switch back to rotational method last year with u8
    lessons, I am in good shape for my age, pretty fluid but cant get my hands to be passive
    in the takeaway, Also read Davis Love’s book on keeping the hands relaxed so I feel
    the club, have tendency to grip too tightly with left hand, I was left handed in first grade but teacher changed me.

    can you help


    1. There are a couple of different ways I can help you. The easiest is to send me a couple of your swings on video (Click here).. that way I am not speculating what your issues might be. Or you can explain your misses and shortcomings on the course and I can offer advice or insight as to why and how to fix. This second option is not as expedient but can help over a period of time. 3/4 of the battle, in my opinion is setup and ball position… and most golfers (even may pros) do not setup athletically, in balance, or play the ball in a position, that they can use the Large Muscles, like throwing a ball… the golf swing I teach is that easy. My method has very few moving parts and is very repeatable.

      Learning to keep a constant grip pressure first takes an awareness of your grip pressure, during the entire swing. Then with a little practice, the Large Muscles (shoulders & hips) will take over and control the turn without the hands disrupting. In other words, Large Muscles dominating, that will keep your hands in check. If you are not setup correctly or actively try to lift or hinge with the hands, the Large Muscles will stop and let the hands take over. I’m really glad you stopped by Gerald. I know I can help you. I would prefer you send your swing videos, than just purchase the online lessons so I can dial in specifically… Ross

  2. For many years I played with two thoughts, turn my shoulders, especially the left, on the back swing and then clear my left hip to create the downswing. This created a lot of power and gave me reasonable consistent. Recently I’ve become very inconsistent with many snap hooks and a varity of other poor shots. I think the problem is the weight shift or lack of it. I can’t seem to get in a good position on the back swing from which to make
    A good move with my left hip.

    1. The feeling you have is a very common issue based on traditional instruction that suggests to “Load up the Back Side” or shift your weight! This move has no benefits and only causes problems. It is pretty hard to hit the middle of the club face when your “Center” is moving all over. In your case you slide to the back, then get “Stuck” because to unwind athletically you need to have more than 50% of your weight on the front foot… so you will need to “slide” back to the front foot before you can even start to turn your hips.

      The easy out for this is to setup with 60% of your weight on the front foot and keep it there as you windup from top down (Shoulders first) on the backswing, then since your weight is still on the front foot you can just unwind on the downswing… much more powerful and repeatable. Eliminates any sliding that had no benefits to begin with.

  3. Hi Ross,
    I live in Scotland and I’m a golf nut playing the wonderful game for over 50 years.
    Was taught from the start to use hand control and developed very fast hand action, lowest handicap was 3, but I was always chasing ‘the secret’.
    Ross I’m delighted to say you have shown me the way to heaven:)
    I’m hitting it solid and dead straight just as you wrote on the tin. The short shots took some time but now I find them a pleasure to play – so easy.
    It’s winter frosts here now but I still played 9 holes with the wife today and we loved it.
    Roll on the Spring Ross, I’m gonna win me some medals! 🙂
    I read every word you print and watch all the vids, great stuff.
    Now if I was just 30 years younger….

    1. Wonderful Smiddy. Thanks for the nice comments. I know there is more coming too.

      FYI…what I’m working on now,

      I’m finding the more the arms can stay in between the shoulders on the backswing (vs. drifting across the chest or pulling behind the body), the easier it is to return back in front of the body as we turn through. This is kind of what Steve Stricker does on the backswing. Very little or no wrist hinge and arms still between the shoulders. This helps control the arms and lets the Large Muscles continue to dominate. This essentially is what I’ve been saying all along, but just another way to look at it. Let the shoulders control the arms/club on the backswing. We just don’t want to get sloppy and let them get behind us. This is so, when we turn on the downswing, they come along and can keep up… Ross

      1. Hi Ross
        Yet another great point you made about the the importance of the arms staying in between the shoulders on the backswing, I will certainly be grooving that move this winter. Looked at some Steve Stricker clips – he looks like he must have been one of your students:)
        I meant to mention that your putting tips were excellent. I didn’t think I could learn much more about putting but I had gone off the boil and what a difference your simple but so effective advice has made.
        Thanks Ross.

        1. Thanks Smiddy. The real key on the putting is letting the arms/putter hang directly under the shoulders. That way, when the front shoulder pushes down and up, the weight of the arms hanging, will move/stay perfectly in a straight back and straight through path (every time – gravity is the constant). Now, as long as you keep the handle slightly leading the club face with no flip, you’ll have perfect, end over end*, putts that hold the line. This also does away with any slightly open/closed face influence.

          *Make sure the ball position is just slightly forward (towards the target) of the bottom of the swing arc. We want to be “hitting up” on the ball (not with hands) with the front shoulder pulling up and fixed wrists. This occurs naturally just past the bottom of the arc. If the ball is in the middle, the angle of attack will drive it into the ground and the ball will hop and lose speed or get knocked off line.

          One last comment: NOTHING ELSE MOVES DURING THE ENTIRE STROKE, BUT THE FRONT SHOULDER… NOTHING! Have someone watch to see if you’re moving hips, head. Pinching the knees towards each other and holding during the stroke will keep you still…Ross

  4. Ross: I stumbled accross your you yube lessons a couple weeks back and was intrigued to say the least. I’ 61 years and got back into golf 3 years ago after a sabbatical while bringing up the kids……game priced me out for a time. Since my return I’ve battled a horrendous over the top….dead left pull. Played hockey, softball, tennis for years, “handsy” sports, and could not beat it through “proper teachings”. Despite that, I broke 80 four times this fall fo the first time ever. I went to the range yesterday to apply your methods and now realize I am under the tutleage of genious. I have NEVER hit so straight. I could tell immediately when my turn came up short….dead left. After 1 session I am hooked. Winter is here in Wisconsin, so I’ve got 4 months to groove your method on a local heated outdoor range. 250 balls yesterday was a revalation, si I now have a great way to get thru the winter. Just wanted to share this with you. By the way, ihave never had a lesson, self taught and have studdied everything I could get my hands on.

      1. Hello again Ross: I returned to the range today after studying many of your videos, and continued from my first trial run. The results are truely amazing…a revelation, if you will. This will take some time and repitition to counter my previous “conventional methodology”, but I am sure the end results will be exceptional. As with my first attempt, I was in awe of the straight, target golf shots produced with no loss of distance. Now, at age 61 I am by no means a long hitter, but I play the white tees and to my ability. That beeing said, 150 yards is a 6 or 7 iron for me, and 4, 5 irons have been replaced with hybrids. I am curious to see what happens with distance next spring. While private lessons from here in Cheesehead land are rather impractible, I am planning on investing in your membership program. Thanks for easing the discomfort of a Wisconsin winter….especially with Aaron Rogers on the shelf 🙂

        1. I’ve actually spent a few weeks in winter, in that area back as a teenager. Couldn’t figure out why all the cars were plugged in at night… until we could not get our car started the next morning … could not push start either because the transmission was frozen and we were on ice. Haha… the good old days.

  5. Hi Ross, I am a 59 yr old man who loves the game. I recently saw one of your videos on line. Its winter here in Massachusetts and a bad one at that. I started practicing your method in doors just swinging and 8iron. After a couple of weeks I went to Myrtle Beach and played 5 rounds. I used your method to swing. Everyday it got better, and on the last day I hit every fairway and most I absolutely split the fairways in 2. I was able to look at my target and hit it and hit it long. It was very windy and cold there also but I still hit 70% of the greens in regulation. When you do it right it is right on target and when you don’t you know why, there is no “what the hell did I do now” thinking, you just correct it for the next shot. I have been playing to a 9.7 and I can see that going down some now. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael
      That’s wonderful! These are the comments that have kept me searching, to try to make golf easier and fun. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add your comment to our forums for others to enjoy too.

      Boy, you guys have really had a unbelievable winter this year. Spring is just around the corner 🙂

  6. A lot of your approach to the swing can be seen in the method of our new Masters champion – particularly how he holds the club square through impact! I foresee a big increase in interest for your swing instruction going forward! All the best!

    1. Thanks Sean. You are right. I think more and more players will realize keeping the face fixed/square and using the body’s rotation athletically for the source of power is much more reliable. I’ve seen this coming for many years. 🙂

  7. Hi Ross, love the instruction….I am losing balls trying to get our the tee box…..hard left, moderate left or slow long bleeding slice to the right…please advise…THANK YOU!

    1. If you send a couple swing videos I can tell you what you’re doing. The face is opening during the backswing before impact on the slice. Might be ball position… you’re not keeping the club face square. On the left shots, you’re either flipping the club face through impact, and/or your turn stops and the arms/club pass the body’s rotation. Answer… KEEP turning and move the ball with the body unwinding, keeping a square club face. Let your rotation do the work, not the hands throwing the club head.

  8. Hi Ross. About a month ago I was struggling on the range with my short irons all afternoon. I kept flipping my hands closed to early and pulling all approach shots. I was trying to find something consistent. Then I thought that I want to try and keep it simple and keep my hands from rotating on the backswing. I was surprised at the results! All shots flew straight and the impact was amazing. I played three rounds since and already improved my average round by 6 shots. I then searched on YouTube to see if there was anyone who has any instruction videos on keeping the club face square throughout the swing, and then I managed to find your videos. Can’t wait to work on the finer details of the swing!

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