Release the Club Head At Impact Is Not Repeatable

Actively trying to release the club head through impact is NOT reliable. It causes the body to stop turning to support the throw. It cuts the radius of the swing in half while decelerating the club head. It also adds cut or draw (you may not want) to almost every shot because the face is either opening or closing.

Yes, the club head will eventually release, but not into the ball by the hands… it releases later in the swing naturally when you have finished turning. This natural release occurs when grip pressure is kept constant during the swing.

When using the Large Muscles, the body does not stop unwinding, to let the club/arms pass and overtake the body rotation. THE BODY BRINGS THE CLUB AROUND, THE CLUB DOES NOT BRING THE BODY AROUND.

Since this golf swing does not rely on throwing or flipping to hit the ball, the face is always square. The shaft is always in the correct position, leading the club face for a solid shot. The whole body traps the ball and is much more reliable. You will learn more watching the Lesson Videos.

Here are some Sample Videos (1 per Category) Sample Lesson Videos

20 thoughts on “Release the Club Head At Impact Is Not Repeatable”

  1. Hi Ross. About a month ago I was struggling on the range with my short irons all afternoon. I kept flipping my hands closed to early and pulling all approach shots. I was trying to find something consistent. Then I thought that I want to try and keep it simple and keep my hands from rotating on the backswing. I was surprised at the results! All shots flew straight and the impact was amazing. I played three rounds since and already improved my average round by 6 shots. I then searched on YouTube to see if there was anyone who has any instruction videos on keeping the club face square throughout the swing, and then I managed to find your videos. Can’t wait to work on the finer details of the swing!

  2. Hi Ross, love the instruction….I am losing balls trying to get our the tee box…..hard left, moderate left or slow long bleeding slice to the right…please advise…THANK YOU!

    1. If you send a couple swing videos I can tell you what you’re doing. The face is opening during the backswing before impact on the slice. Might be ball position… you’re not keeping the club face square. On the left shots, you’re either flipping the club face through impact, and/or your turn stops and the arms/club pass the body’s rotation. Answer… KEEP turning and move the ball with the body unwinding, keeping a square club face. Let your rotation do the work, not the hands throwing the club head.

  3. A lot of your approach to the swing can be seen in the method of our new Masters champion – particularly how he holds the club square through impact! I foresee a big increase in interest for your swing instruction going forward! All the best!

    1. Thanks Sean. You are right. I think more and more players will realize keeping the face fixed/square and using the body’s rotation athletically for the source of power is much more reliable. I’ve seen this coming for many years. 🙂

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