My Method Disclaimer

DUPLESSISGOLF instruction has developed over many years with thousands of lessons both at the range and online. My techniques are a combination of generally accepted, past instruction and my own improvements through teaching. My instruction helps most golfers and in most cases, if done correctly, improves back strain caused by the golf swing, since we rotate and release the back.

Every golfer is different and will interpret my instruction differently. If ever you experience pain or discomfort with any of my instruction, please discontinue what ever is causing the pain. If you have a paid Membership, I will gladly give you a full refund. I am always available to clarify my reasoning and instruction.

Ross duPlessis

4 thoughts on “My Method Disclaimer”

  1. Hi Ross, I have a question that concerns one of our top pro’s on the tour today. His name is, Patrick Reed. He seems to hit his driver off the tee with a good portion of his weight (about 80%) still on his right foot at impact. Is this true or am I not seeing the whole picture? A reply would be appreciated. Jim K.

    1. Hi Jim
      You are right and other tour players hit the ball with a majority of their weight on the back foot. The important word there is “Hit”. Patrick Reed “hits at” the ball using his hands and releasing the club head. That is a totally different golf swing than I teach. That is traditional and that concept is extremely unreliable (why you see different players win from week to week). When your timing is off just a touch, the ball can go anywhere!

      When you learn to rotate to trap or move the ball using Large Muscles, the hands are not trying to move the club face so the club face is much more reliable… ball goes straight and makes contact more on the sweet spot. In order to “Rotate”, you must have a majority of weight on the front foot. Look at a quarterback throwing a long pass… weight must move to the front foot to unwind the body and arm.

      Just two different concepts, but learning to rotate and trap the ball through impact (vs. hit at it), is much more reliable for the game of golf… and more fun.


      1. Ross, I agree completely with your comments. I much prefer your weight on the left foot method. I will be sending you a video in a short while so you can look me over. Thanks, Jim K.

  2. DUPLESSISGOLF Method is by far the best method I have came across. I have took Several Lessons from several diffirent Golf Pros, and i had more success using this Simple and repeatable method then all my others combined. Ross does a Fantastic job and taking the time to explain his method and how it works. It is easy to repeat and you see results. Once you take his advice and pratice the way he tells you, you will be very pleased with your results and your friends will be asking you where you got lessons from!! Ross you are the best and I hope you continue to teach. I cant wait to come meet you in person and take a couple of private lessons from you.

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