How to Send Swing Videos for Analysis

Ideally, you’ll send real golf shot video vs. practice swings video. We all know things change when there is a real ball there. No worries if you can’t send real shots, I can still work with a practice swing in the backyard. I only need (1) swing front view and (1) back view, not one long video with many swings (makes the files too big to send via email).

Here’s what to do:

Send (1) golf swing video front view, and (1) video from behind looking down the target line to:

Also, tell me a little about what you are thinking, or working on and any ball flight issues or concerns… thanks, Ross

*Update: I now offer Skype Calls to discuss your swing videos. Once you have Skype and add DUPLESSISGOLF as a contact, you can just send your swing videos through the Skype chat box right to me. We can then schedule a time to talk on line.