Why do I Hit Chunky or Thin Golf Shots?

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    Student Question Jun 04, 2014
    Your method really works for me in all shots where I sweep the club i.e off of a tee. But, when I hit irons off the ground, I am hitting them chunky or thin. I don’t seem to be pinching the ball. What adjustment can I make to cause me to pinch the ball?


    Ross Jun 04, 2014
    Hi Bill
    The ball is “pinched” when the shaft is in line with the front arm, leading the club face at impact. Now, with my method, this is much easier because we use the body rotation to move the arms around to the left (right hander). If you are hitting chunky… you are either starting with too much weight on the back foot, or are moving to the back foot, and then not getting back in time… and “flipping” or throwing the club head at the ball… it is releasing (not good). We want to keep the 60% weight on the front foot during the backswing and you will not chunk the ball (ever).

    Now, your thin shots are purely “flipping” for some reason. Many times it is because the back elbow gets stuck on the back hip as you are rotation (that flips the face)… that back elbow must lead on the downswing, back in front of the body and around to the left… THIS IS ALL DONE VIA THE BODY ROTATING. The body rotation brings the arms back down and around. This is harder to explain than do.



    Anthony225 Mar 25, 2017
    Can you explain more about the back elbow leading on the downswing? Just curious because I hadn’t read or heard you mention that anywhere else.


    Ross Mar 25, 2017
    I don’t mention many specific positions unless there may be a specific issue someone is having to help them. My method is not about specific positions… we use Large Muscles in an athletic movement.

    If the elbows start towards each other, and facing back towards the hips … that’s how they should return (pretty much) during the swing, through impact. Now, if an individual gets his back elbow in a position of returning through impact pointing “to his right” (not in front of the back hip pointing at the hip), then I might say (so he knows the correct position and feeling)… feel the back elbow “lead” on the downswing, so it is leading his back forearm and returns in front of the back hip, pointing at the hip. Sorry, this is hard to explain.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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