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    Ross Apr 21, 2015
    This post assumes you already understand how the backswing winds up from top down. The Shoulders move first, then they turn the hips a little. Now, how do we unwind?

    The downswing unwinds from ground up*. Just like throwing a ball**.

    The feet are anchored, as we use them as a “fixed” point the backswing to wind up against (why balance is very important). Since we wound up like a “rubber band”, there is a potential stored, for the need to “unwind”. This unwinding is natural if you just let yourself do it. From many years of teaching, I know it is hard for students to try to start the downswing with their knees, so I use “hips” (the next logical muscle group when thinking “ground up”. It works great.

    As long as you have a majority of your body weight is on the forward foot, you’ll be able to unwind to start the downswing. Once you start, just accelerate and go! This should be natural, as long as you don’t let something else take control like the “hands” trying to throw the club. You can eliminate this urge with the drills I designed and time & effort.

    *They have done studies with electrodes the size of human hair, place in the muscles of Pro golfers, and found the body unwinds from ground up. The knees, move the, hips/thighs, that move the torso/chest, the moves the shoulders. Now, with my method… the arms/club are brought down by this unwinding “mass” and everything traps the ball. What most golfers do and Traditional Instruction tries to use is… Stop the body half way and throw the club head at the ball… or they, clear the body out of the way, then throw the club head at the ball (rarely consistent)

    **Without sliding/stepping from the back foot to the front foot, because we keep our weight forward (critical) for consistent contact. Can NOT slide back and forth in the golf swing and ever be consistent. We keep our weight forward and just wind up our back muscles, the unwind the body… works great!
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