What should be the optimal driver’s length?

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    Jeffrey May 16, 2019
    Hello Ross, in your video lesson on driver, you emphasized on rotation. Can you say more about the driver length and the swing plane that is best suited for this method. By the way, it willl help if you can provide a side view of the driver swing. Thanks!


    If you are asking about how long the Driver’s length is? it does not matter. Shorter Drivers have more control, so there is a trade off… longer more distance (maybe), but less accuracy.

    I also do not talk about swing plane, because every club is different and swing plane plane is controlled by the shoulders (when you learn to use your shoulders to move your arms/club around your spine). Once you’ve setup athletically and balanced, based on the club length and conditions for the particular shot, you’ll just rotate your shoulders around your spine. We never try to direct the arms/club on a particular swing plane (not repeatable). The Large shoulder muscles can do the the work and are more dependable. I don’t have a side view of Driver, because if there was one, my students would try to copy my swing and they need to just focus on using their shoulder and let the arms and club follow how and where their body moves. This will give them a better chance to return back through impact correctly.


    horstie Jun 20, 2019
    Thanks Ross for reminding us not to try to copy your swing. Sometimes after a bad shot I say to myself, how does Ross’s swing look like , what position are his hands arms and feet in. ( I watched your swing frame by frame not realizing everybody will look different). Then on my next shot my thoughts are what did I do wrong instead of reminding myself on the things I should do. Having attended the Canadian Open a couple of weeks ago and seeing that these great players hit bad shots from good lies too sometimes gave me a better perspective on my own bad shots.
    Again, thanks for pointing this out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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