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    alanschulte Feb 08, 2021
    Ross: I hope this doesn’t take us too far down the rabbit hole. On the telecast during the Waste Management Open, one of the commentators noted that Steve Stricker’s shoulders were pointed slightly left of target but that his hips, knees and feet were square to the target. I thought that was interesting and did an internet search and found a video by Carl Lohren and Gene Borek advocating exactly that. I know that you mentioned that you followed the teachings of Carl Lohren. Is this something we should be aware of? Does it occur as a natural by product of gripping the club with the right hand lower than the left (for righties)? I noticed that in some of your videos from behind the ball it appears your shoulders could be open or it just might be the camera angle. In Lohren’s video he mentioned the first move with the left shoulder and have it be like Lee Trevino.


    Ross Feb 09, 2021
    This does get complicated and I know exactly what you’re saying and I’ve addressed it years back when hitting Hybrids off the ground… It’s all about compensations to get the golf swing to be repeatable to produce a solid golf shot. It has to do with knowing, the lowest point of the swing arc is just about at the front foot. In short, Steve opens his shoulders to allow the club head to move closer to the ball at setup. And, during the swing his body will be unwinding and his hips will end up through impact roughly where his shoulders were at setup. I also know that you can just leave a gap at setup that allows you to keep your shoulder, knees, hips more inline and trust that you’ll make good contact. This is a very complicated subject and could take many different tangents about compensations and offsets. The only concept I use from Carl Lohren is the front shoulder to start the swing. I’ve expanded that to be both shoulders turning around the spine if the golfer prefers. It was also my understanding that Carl Lohren first saw this front shoulder move in Ben Hogan’s swing… I may be wrong.


    alanschulte Feb 09, 2021
    Thanks Ross. I also discovered that Stricker’s coach is his father in law who was or maybe still is the golf coach at the University of Wisconsin and is a follower of Carl Lohren. Steve’s coach is a fan of the Lee Trevino shoulder move as is Carl Lohren. You explanation nailed it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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