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    Duke Jul 02, 2020
    I know there can be many factors, but what are maybe the 1 or 2 tops reasons for hitting behind the golf ball with irons? I seem to do that a lot.


    Ross Jul 02, 2020
    One: is moving off the ball during the backswing. That means, after you’ve setup, during the backswing you’re allowing your body to slide, or drift towards the back foot, then on the downswing, you don’t get back to the ball in time to make contact. One solution: Keep at least 60% of your weight on the front foot during the backswing, so you’ll not slide. Then you’ll be able to make better contact.

    Two: Releasing, Flipping or using your hands to throw the club head at the ball hoping to get more distance. If this happens too soon, you’ll throw the club face into the ground. One solution: Learn to use your shoulders to move your arms/club during the backswing, without hinging at all (ideally) or very much. Then, let the body’s rotation bring the arms back down through impact, maintaining the shaft inline with the front arm, and a flat or even bowed out front wrist. You’ll have to learn to do this without using the hands to throw the club head. You’ll hit the ball more solid when you learn this. You’ll get power and accuracy by accelerating faster when you know how to do it correctly.


    Anthony225 Jul 07, 2020
    Recommend videoing your swing. You will be able to see if you are flipping or having rotation issues. 120 fps video or higher would really help you zero in. How to fix it is a different issue!


    I was watching the fixed wrist drill and just noticed that your club appears to release just after contact. I know you teach to hold the wrists to the finish. Is it maybe the camera view?


    Ross Jul 15, 2020
    It is difficult to actually hold the club head to the finish. The club head wants to release after impact and does on a full swing. The idea is … in trying to hold the club head to the finish, it makes the body continue rotating and (more importantly) helps teach the golfer to stop “throwing” the club head into the ball ahead of impact. There is a a difference.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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