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    Ron Aug 13, 2014
    Hi Ross, Two questions:

    1. How close to the body are the hands at address.

    2. Do the elbows stay in contact with the body during the backswing and thru the downswing until impact? My right elbow stays against my right rib cage until impact. Wrists and elbows squeezed together of course. Does this sound OK to you?



    Ross Aug 13, 2014
    1. The arms hang. Since the elbows are close together, the arms hang on top of the pecs (chest). Different length clubs create a different distance from the body. I have many videos that explain this.

    2. No, the elbows do not stay in contact with the body. The shoulders move the arms/club around the spine. Elbows stay close… back elbow bends on the backswing and the front elbow bends after impact.


    Femgolf1 Mar 31, 2021
    I kind of use the right elbow or arm to brace the left as I pinch them on the backswing MENTALLY and consciously keeping them both straight through the backswing. As soon as the SHOULDER TURN is done I begin the ROTATION through in the DOWNSWING. Anytime I experience a bent right elbow I encounter problems with my DOWNSWING. Is this right or I should always allow for the right elbow bend?


    Ross Mar 31, 2021
    The back elbow (right for a right hander), will bend a little on a full backswing. it is not crucial that it bends, but might restrict the amount of shoulder turn in a swing that keeps it straight. I have a “drill” that demonstrates keeping both arms straight, only to show how removing variables (the elbows bending), can’t improve that golf swing… but that is just a drill. If something works for you and gives you confidence, use it. Golf is not about a perfect swing… it is about having fun. My method offers ways to make a golf swing more reliable and hopefully more enjoyable.


    Femgolf1 Mar 31, 2021
    Your method is working perfectly for me. Most interesting is that it is repeatable. Once you internalize the key instructions the results are the same. My fairway woods that was nightmarish are now a delight. If miss a short you quickly know what you’ve done wrongly. I am a loyal disciple because your method is trust worthy. I will practice a bit more relaxed right arm and more SHOULDER on the backswing and get back to you. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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