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    Anthony225 Apr 02, 2017
    I know you’ve talked about the fixed wrists in detail, but I would like to get a little more description of how it should feel.

    My issue with focusing on a bent back wrist is that I begin to allow the right hand to control the club. Focusing on a flat front wrist instead of the bent back wrist is just plain difficult because there is no feel for when its done correctly.

    So can you describe how it should feel including the pressure of the fingers, palm, and hands overall? Are there any over exaggerations that should be performed to groove the feeling of doing it right? Does the back elbow come in to play where it can hurt or help keep the wrists in the correct position?

    I may be looking for too much detail for something that may be simple to do (or attempt to do), but I’ve tried a lot to make this happen consistently. I have only been successful a couple of times as seen on on film in slow motion.


    Ross Apr 02, 2017
    In a nutshell … setup with the front wrist flat and the back wrist bent in a bit and that “shape” is maintained back and through. I feel both hands with equal pressure holding the shape as the shoulders take the club back (a little) and then the body brings the arms/club right back and around to the left (right hander). It will feel like your “dragging” the shaft (with wrists holding the shape) through impact around to the left. If you’re having difficulty then the wrists are not holding firm enough or the body is not doing its job rotating and the hands are taking over.

    It is best to start with little pitch shots, and just feel the shoulders move (backswing), then the body unwind (downswing) and nothing changes with the wrists from your original setup shape. You may want to exaggerate the flat (or even bowed out a bit) front wrist to help hold.

    One other crucial factor in holding that shape, is that the pad below your little finger on the front hand is on top of the shaft… can’t be off to the side. Watch the “Grip” video if needed.


    Anthony225 Jul 28, 2017
    Does the back hand hold the shape by maintaining pressure backwards on the club with the fingers? Where the fingers in the right hand sort of hold the club back?


    Ross Jul 28, 2017
    Yes! Exactly! .. and as the front wrist stays flat or even a bit bowed out. Both are working to hold the shape. This shape helps keep the shaft in line with the front arm for a very solid shot.

    On the downswing, key to maintaining this shape through impact, is to use the body turning or unwinding to drag that shape through impact and around to the left (right hander).

    One other important reminder … the shoulders must start the backswing. The shoulders move that shape and the arms/club on the takeaway. Many golfers think they’re using their shoulders, but in reality they’re grabbing the club with the hands (changing the shape) and then the shoulders give up and let the hands take over (NOT GOOD). Practice starting the club back with the shoulders. The club should be off the ground to start… then push with the shoulders. Takes practice but produces very powerful, repeatable shots.


    Anthony225 Jul 28, 2017
    Ok. This brings clarity to the wrist setup for me. Now back to the fixed wrist drill!
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    Femgolf1 Nov 22, 2020
    Dear Ross, many thanks for your consistency with your method prescription. It’s so helpful when it is consistent. I have been searching for the fixed WRISTS drill video but couldn’t find it. Please help to get it that I may watch and use to improve my conviction. Thank you


    Ross Nov 22, 2020
    After you Login to the Members Login, it is in the Practice Drills Section… it is the 4th Lesson Video (you scroll).. here is a link Fixed Wrist Drill

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