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    Ross Aug 26, 2014
    Other than the one exception, “I take my grip with the club face already closed (pointing left)”,

    … there are only 2 reasons the ball goes left:

    1. You flipped your hands at impact closing the face.

    2. Your body stopped rotating too soon, and your arms and club passed your body, pulling/hooking the ball.

    Most of the time, golfers subconsciously stop their body’s rotation, to support hitting at the ball with their hands (right at impact). When that happens, the arms and club take over, and get out ahead of the body’s center/core and ball goes left.

    Answer for both:
    Keep your hands “fixed”*, let the shoulders control the backswing, then let your body unwind “continuously” on the downswing, pulling your elbows back in front of your body, as you keep turning left to a complete finish (knees touching and completely up on back toe).

    * Fixed = Shaft in line with the front arm, being supported by the back wrist bent in a bit. This is the perfect impact position for all solid golf shots. This is how you want to setup to simplify the swing.

    FYI… Path does influence where the ball goes a little, but not near as much as face angle … so, essentially, where the face is pointing at impact, is where the ball is going. When you learn to control the club face, golf is a lot more fun

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