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Jimbohaw Aug 07, 2014
One question I had for you regarding my setup for driver. I found that if I take a little more knee flex (still in a balanced, athletics position) I am able to make better and more consistent contact with the ball and brace my hips with my back foot/leg, plus it allows me to keep my chin up more naturally. Also, I pick a spot of grass about 4 inches behind ball and maybe one inch further from me and concentrate on that as I swing (in other words just beyond the club face at address). That really helps me keep my chin up, not slide back, and pull my club around as my body turns through. I don’t stay fixed on that spot past contact but let my body and shoulders turn my head to face the target. What do you think about these adjustments? The slightly deeper knee flex seems to help me with all my clubs. It keeps me from leaning forward, I guess.