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Ross Jul 13, 2014
My initial thoughts are, …where are the weights placed and why? And, are they also working with in conjunction with some other compensation (closed face, low center of gravity, perimeter weighing, offset hosel) to “help” the golfer?

I would think, these kinds of club head properties, would not play much of a role, if the club head is controlled correctly. We want the shaft in line with the front arm, and club face square at impact, which can be controlled with grip pressure and using the body’s mass/rotation to control the arms/hands/club. I believe the body’s rotation “dominance” would override any compensations in the club head. Now, if the golfer stops rotating and lets the club head go on its own… then anything goes. Weights in the club head, may also affect the golfer using my method that has a light grip pressure and they may “fight” the clubs compensation dynamics, to want to roll shut or stay open.

Sorry davew, that’s about all I can come up with. Hope it helps some… Ross