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Richard Jul 09, 2014
I have been using the Ross move now for 2 months and I feel it is time to weigh in. I switched to this method mainly due to a chronic sore right hip and lower back. I would not be playing golf at this time if not for Ross’s method. I have been playing this game for 35 or so years, always battling the inconsistent contact with the ball. I have never hit the ball so straight and very few fats, and NO PAIN! It does leave me at times due to old habits, but this system works! Turn, Rotate, it is that simple! For me ,I have found that if I force the turn too far, the less consistent the contact. If I allow the arms to fold at all in the turn, it leads to bad contact. It feels strange, but the compression of the ball is so much better. Extend back, extend thru, and ROTATE COMPLETELY to the left. It gets you up on your right toe with all the weight on the left side and the right shoulder at the target. Thanks Ross!

Richard Martens.