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Ross Jun 06, 2016

Hello Rene’

On the backswing…
I feel like my feet are “anchored” and “hold” to the ground. The back foot is braced at an angle, generating from the “instep”*, resisting and preventing me from swaying to the back foot. The front foot feels like it’s “holding”, as if it were on a “dock” and my back foot was on a “boat” and I didn’t want to let the boat pull me away from the dock… (just the way I picture it). NOW… all that goes on (from practice), while my shoulders start the backswing and wind up.

On the downswing…
I feel the “feet” in harmony with the body unwind from ground up… “push off” or “push against” the ground. I really feel the back “instep” use the ground to “push” to unwind.

Much of the downswing is automatic from the correct windup. There had been so much “potential” stored from the shoulders on the windup, the downswing just has to “let go” and I use that to kind of “push off” the ground.

I’ve never tried to explain this before Rene’… hope it helped… Ross

*Weight on the backswing never moves to “on top” or “to the outside” of the back foot! There is kind of a “dug in” feeling braced.