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Ross Jul 18, 2021 ยท Edited
Yes, partly, depending on which/who’s definition you choose to attach to the term. All I know is Carl Lohren noticed long ago that Ben Hogan would start the back swing (or takeaway) using his shoulders first to move the club and arms. Hogan also had a drawing in his 5 Lessons book, of the arms close together with a rope wrapped around them keeping them close together. I have used both of these concepts to develop our takeaway or start of the back swing. I have changed and added my own tweaks to improve the ideas. Many other instructors add hinging and redirecting to try to control swing plane and add distance at a great cost to consistency with no benefits. The best thought is to keep it simple … learn the duplessisgolf setup, and just use your “shoulders” only to move the arms and club. Hope this answers your question.