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    alanschulte Jul 17, 2021
    Ross: Is the takeaway on our swing a “one piece takeaway?” I was asked the question by a friend of mine and quite frankly didn’t know the answer. Thanks.


    Ross Jul 18, 2021 ยท Edited
    Yes, partly, depending on which/who’s definition you choose to attach to the term. All I know is Carl Lohren noticed long ago that Ben Hogan would start the back swing (or takeaway) using his shoulders first to move the club and arms. Hogan also had a drawing in his 5 Lessons book, of the arms close together with a rope wrapped around them keeping them close together. I have used both of these concepts to develop our takeaway or start of the back swing. I have changed and added my own tweaks to improve the ideas. Many other instructors add hinging and redirecting to try to control swing plane and add distance at a great cost to consistency with no benefits. The best thought is to keep it simple … learn the duplessisgolf setup, and just use your “shoulders” only to move the arms and club. Hope this answers your question.


    alanschulte Jul 19, 2021
    Thank you. Yes it did.


    Femgolf1 Jul 23, 2021
    Does the chest remain steady center while the SHOULDERS move on the takeaway and so create a kind of internal tension in the abdomen / the core. Please what is this shoulders alone “first”? I only end my backswing at the end of the “takeaway ” @when my SHOULDERS cant go any further and this seems as if the clubhead is on the ground or at 80clock!


    Ross jul 23, 2021
    The chest stays in position and it does rotate due to the shoulders turning, but does not slide towards the back foot at all. At first, the hips and lower body hold while the shoulders start to turn, then when the shoulders can’t turn anymore without the hips turning, the hips are turned a little by the shoulders continuing to turn. It is a wind up from “Top down” like a rubber band. Once again, the chest will rotate, but not slide towards the back foot… it will not shift or move off the ball. Keeping at least 60% of your weight forward during the backswing will help this.

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    Femgolf1 Sep 30, 2021
    My Golf mentor, teacher, model and creative genius. I am happy to inform you that my golf has improved tremendously since I discovered, embraced and commit to your method. I play w a lot of confidence now to the envy of my club mates and partners. For this I congratulate you and myself.
    I discovered that my backswing nearly and mostly stop at the “extended” takeaway since I wont want to lift the club the hands. I am often criticized that this is too short.
    How can I get the hands up to about 9’0 -10 0clock without lifting the arms in the backswing!! Am I asking for too much? I have consistently refused to yield to their criticisms because I feel my distance and results are manageable.
    But is there any way I can do this or is there anything I am not doing right. You have seen two of my video for analysis.
    When I watch your videos it looks to me you lift after the takeaway.!! .
    I will appreciate your comments. Thank you sir.


    Ross Oct 01, 2021
    The height the arms/club travel “up” (as you say) is different for every golfer depending on their body size, type and height… and the amount of tilt each golfer has in their spine, depending on the club selection and course conditions (level ground, on a slope, ball above/below). Age and flexibility is another factor that limits the shoulder turn.

    Now, your friends mean well, but actually lifting your arms higher does not necessarily equal more distance. It does equal disconnection from the Large muscles and the chance for more inconsistency with many factors, but usually, the arms/club getting left behind is one of the first. Keep in mind that if done correctly, the shoulders will move the arms/club up roughly perpendicular to the spine angle. Your maximum distance is about how efficiently you wind up and unwind and how square the club face returns, and how close to the sweet spot on the club face you make contact. There are other factors.

    There is a difference in actually lifting the arms in the backswing and the arms being moved by the shoulders. The arms may continue slightly at the top of the backswing due to the momentum of being moved by the shoulders. This can happen to golfers with a faster backswing. I’m not suggesting to speed up your backswing, I’m only mentioning that there might be a little more momentum at a faster pace and it may take the arms/club slightly higher. This must be done by the shoulders or you’ll disconnect.

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