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    lucky2 Feb 28, 2015
    Hi Ross. Well it’s the third week and with no place to practice and just play once a week, I continue to improve. Didn’t loose one ball today with plenty of water in play. Please tell me about the right arm on the backswing. Can it fold almost immediately or not. Seems easier to turn if it does. Thanks. Ralph.


    Ross Mar 01, 2015
    Focus on the front arm staying straight. The back arm will be “folded” a little. The more the arm(s) pull on their own across the chest on the backswing, the more the back elbow needs to fold. The more the elbow bends, is usually a sign that the arms/hands are involved (not good).

    Ideally the arms (pretty much), stay in front of the body on the backswing, maintaining the radius and extension. The back elbow does not need to bend much when done correctly. We want to let the shoulders move all of this. If you do, you are developing potential in the back muscles for more power. Bending and lifting ruins this.

    A correct backswing is much shorter than most golfer’s think. When backswing get longer, it is usually do to breakdown in the arms/elbows/hands, or over rotation of the hips. Keeping the elbows working towards each other helps keep them in check.


    lucky2 Mar 01, 2015
    Ross. Sorry for jumping the gun on the email. I will assume that it went through next time. I must admit I was amazed at how far I could hit the ball without any wrists and dead straight too. On one par five, I was only about sixty yards off the green in two. Not bad for a sixty six year old. A few weeks ago, I lost about six balls on the same course, so things are definitely improving. I will definitely keep working on this. I was, however, hitting a lot of low trajectory shots, but they seemed to run forever. Any ideas on what might be causing that? Thanks for all the personal attention. I really do appreciate it. Ralph


    Ross Mar 01, 2015
    Possibly because you’re not flipping as much. Sometimes winter fairways allow the ball to run more.


    lucky2 Mar 07, 2015
    Hi Ross. Well I got a chance to play again today without being able to practice at all. I tried keeping my right arm from folding like you suggested, but got terrible results. Topping, and hooking mostly. After I began bending my right arm immediately on the backswing, I began hitting dead straight again. Could it be I am turning without using my arms much, if at all? Hogan said to turn your elbows out in the five lessons book but put the right arm up against your chest and let it bend. What do you think? Thanks Ralph.


    Ross Mar 07, 2015
    Please re-read my response. Unless you’re “left handed”, I did NOT say to keep your right arm from folding. I said:

    “Focus on the front arm staying straight.” (not the back)

    Also, I do not debate methods*. It just confuses others. If I thought Hogan’s method was complete, consistent and reliable, I would not have spent the last 30 years searching for improvements. Don’t get me wrong, he was awesome and very talented, but everything has room for improvement.

    With my method, we just start with the elbows correct pointing back at the hips and keep it that way, since we want it that way at impact.

    Always, the best way for me to help you (or anyone), is to look at your swing videos vs. guessing.

    * FYI… Hogan also taught to turn the front elbow back at the front hip through impact (so he would not “shank”), and since he opened club face at the top of the backswing, he also needed to supinate just before impact to square the open club face.


    ucky2 Mar 07, 2015
    Okay. I signed up for the lifetime membership with one swing analysis which I haven’t used yet. How much are additional swing analysis for me at this point? Thanks. Ralph.


    lucky2 Mar 09, 2015
    Ross. I didn’t mean to imply that Hogan’s method was better than yours. I read his book many times over the years with no where near as much success as I have had with yours. I was just trying to understand the right elbow movement. Thanks. Ralph.


    Ross Mar 09, 2015
    No worries [smile].

    I spent many years to have more of a “method” (setup through to the finish), so I didn’t just throw out “golf tips”. Real lasting change comes from practice and incorporating the change into your routine. Following a “routine” is the only way to ever be consistent out on the course.

    If you have an analysis coming, send me a couple videos: (1) swing front view and (1) swing from behind looking down the target line… and we can dial in on your specific issues.

    Additional Analysis are $20 … more

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