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    alanschulte Sep 22, 2021
    Ross: I have a question as to what is the proper width in the backswing. I have seen conflicting views by television commentators where some way you need to be as wide as possible going back to generate clubhead speed and others say to maintain a constant radius throughout the swing. Which is correct? Thank you.


    Ross Sep 23, 2021
    With our method, the goal is to have the club face return back at the ball how we started. The highest odds of that happening, are, if we setup in a manner that the arms are fully extended, shaft in line with the front arm, and then maintain that shape during the backswing and back into impact.

    Other methods, the due to allowing non-repeatable muscles to get involved in the backswing process, either start somewhat collapsed (not fully extended at setup), or lift, bend or breakdown during the backswing, creating the need to increase the “width” (essentially extending the radius by straightening out the front elbow or a feeling of pushing out), to try to achieve a maximum radius before impact. The “Ross” move kind of does this somewhat by adding inertia that pulls or stretches out the arms a bit of some golfers.

    Hope this explains it … Ross

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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