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    Femgolf1 Mar 24
    I have been learning about varying the width of the backswing and ROTATING through with PASSIVE and LOCKED WRISTS in my pitch SHOTS. I have gone through searches and I have not seen any comment on this. I am talking about the CLOCKFACE concept. I will appreciate your comments and position on this.
    One very interesting thing I have been enjoying lately is letting the club hang!!!!👌. I hang, SHOULDER back and ROTATE through to FINISH….sweet results everytime.


    Ross Mar 24
    No clockface concept. I don’t use anything like this with my method. Not needed. Distance is determined by speed of rotation through impact all the way to the finish. You’ll know how far to take it back based on the speed needed through impact. This is also developed, when you practice at the driving range, particular distances like 50 yds, 70 yds, 85yds and watch as you turn through faster to achieve these distances. No clockface needed. Everyone is different. Clockface concept is not reliable or athletic.


    Femgolf1 Mar 24
    Yes!! I am happy with the absolute and emphatic NO. I have been using my body ROTATION since I started with your method and have been having great outcomes. This has restored my confidence to do more of what I have been doing and trust it more. These are viruses that want to infect your success!!!. I am soo grateful with the timely and prompt response. You’re an absolute genius. The rhythm..@..shoulder….hips …once your face comes back in the preshot routine is magical too. Makes distance control easier and near perfect. Thanks Ross.


    upsman Mar 25
    I agree with both of you, I started with clock method to learn different distances with SW , then expanded it to PW, GW, even longer clubs. But if you play a lot, or do lots of reps, you develop feel and really stop thinking about it, your brain just knows (its not always right lol). I think both work, or can work together. Look at Seve, Tiger, Justin Thomas, Patrick Reed, very creative, different styles, but so good. My practice formula is equal time long game, short game, putting. The last 2 can compensate or compliment your ballstriking on a particular day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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