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    Ray Feb 08, 2017
    Before I started using this method, I was using my arms to flip the ball instead of turning, and it didn’t work. Since I’ve started using this method, I’m very aware about using my shoulders to take the club back, keeping the template, while resisting and keeping my weight forward. I’m wondering if I’ve been doing the next part incorrectly: On my downswing I turn with my hips but keep my arms — for a lack of a better way to describe it, “connected in one piece” — with my hips. My shoulders (and arms) are only turning with my hips — in one connected piece.
    But I was watching the “Front Knee Starts Unwinding” video and you use the word “whip” to describe the hips moving the shoulders. So I tried “unconnecting” the shoulders from the hips, and when I turned immediately the feeling and swing was MUCH more free and MUCH more powerful. It felt MUCH more natural, too. Am I on to something or is this a bad habit I don’t need to keep doing.
    Thank you for your time, Ross.


    Ross Feb 12, 2017
    Yes. Remember the backswing is wound up from top-down (like a spring being wound from the top as the bottom is held). As you start the downswing, your shoulders/arms are not lined up with the hips, but as the body unwinds (from ground up), the shoulders/arms eventually catch up and will pass the hips (after impact) when the hips can’t turn any more. It is like the shoulders/arms are “closing in” on the hips during the downswing (if that makes sense). This to me is just like throwing a ball… as your body unwinds to move your arm through and you let go of the ball.

    No body parts move independently or disconnect… all body parts work in harmony like a rubber band anchored to a table and the top winds first (backswing)…then it wants to unwind (by itself) from ground up due to the potential created.


    DaveF Feb 13, 2017
    Very helpful Ross!
    I am probably one of the last people to get this concept until recently. I thought I was keeping my weight left – I wasn’t. So my right knee was over active on the downswing and the chest was rotating WITH or “chasing” after the hips which were moving away from the chest at the same rate.
    Now I think of the upper body and left hip as being pulled together with the left knee and “gathering” toward the left side (pillar) to impact position. Huge difference. Like opening & closing a door. Only before my “door” frame didn’t stay in place. Hard to close the door when the frame is moving.


    Ross Feb 18, 2017
    Hi Dave
    Sorry for the late response, I wasn’t receiving emails from the forum for some reason. Great way to explain the concept.

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