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    Femgolf1 Feb 09, 2021
    We discussed earlier whether there is an difference between the swing for Driver and iris in the Ross method and the answer was emphatically NO.
    I watched the Ross Move drill over and over again and I want to know what ar the special moves about it that creates that TONS of Power therefrom. Please help break it down for me to know what to practice. I am a rigid follower of your method and i confess it has really transformed my golf. I now play a regular protocol of
    SHOULDERS back
    ROTATE through to FINISH

    Thankfully yours


    Ross Feb 09, 2021
    I think the Ross Move Lesson Video explains what happens, but I’ll try to help clarify. Essentially, the “body” (I’m referring to everything except the arms/club) will control and move the arms/club. The “body” is swinging the arms/club. The arms/club naturally will want to fall towards the ground due to gravity, if you are not using muscles in the arms/hands to manipulate or hold or help the downswing. Now, I use the “elbows” as a reference point to re-align so the body does not spin out leaving the arms/club behind. So, on the downswing, the body is unwinding from ground up, with a sense that it will swing the arms/club back down in front, as the body continues accelerating all the way to the finish. The faster the body unwinds, the faster the arms/club are pulled down by the body’s rotation (while not using the arm/hands muscles to help). This move produces speed and power if done correctly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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