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    Femgolf1 Feb 18
    I have been having issues with FLIPPING lately. I want o go to the range tomorrow with the intention of bowing my left wrist at the top backswing and ROTATING through with it bowed that way. Is this a worthwhile idea. If not, I know you teach bowing do I bow at setup and keep it THROUGHOUT the swing to prevent this threatening FLIPPING?


    Ross Feb 19
    Flipping can be a sign that you’re not continuing your body rotation all the way through impact to the finish… check on that too. As far as bowing… you want to do that at Setup.


    Femgolf1 Feb 19
    Thank you. You’re absolutely correct. I have not been completing my ROTATION lately. I tried as much as possible to remove the HITTING INSTINCT on the DOWNSWING and as I journeyed through the flipping disappeared . The bowing also helped to prevent the WRISTS from breaking down in the DOWNSWING. I was actually struggling to increase the backswing for want of distance and the TEMPLATE was breaking down with the HITTING INSTINCT. I enjoyed my round today. Thanks for always being there.


    upsman Feb 20
    I agree with Ross, if I flip its because I’ve stopped my turn, the hands catch up and I flip. As far as wrists I use a flat left wrist and my right wrist is angled back a little (for off the ground shots), when I make contact the club has slightly less loft and I think it helps my ball first contact (like I’m pinching the ball and then ground), but honestly getting the turn right is so important.


    Ross Feb 20

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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