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    EmailsToRoss Apr 19, 2016

    Hey Ross,

    I have an issue where I take too long in my pre-shot routine, with every club especially my tee shots. I know it’s because I’m over thinking, and it’s something I’m fully aware of but I cannot seem to just step up and hit, even when I try on the range. I’m pretty decent usually hitting somewhere between 95 and 105, and it’s only my 5th year playing, but I know this issue is annoying friends I play with as well as being detrimental to my shots and ability to relax when I’m about to hit the ball. Any ideas o how I can shorten my pre shot routine and confidentially hit the ball without so much thinking? Thanks in advance for your help, great app by the way.

    My best,


    Hi Eric

    Your routine should last about 12-14 seconds. As you stand behind your ball about 4 steps, look at the target and “visualize” the shot you want in your mind. Once you decide, GO… walk up to the ball… sit down balanced keeping the club head just slightly off the ground… then “look” at the target (one time), to see the shot again… then when your face/eyes come back to the ball, GO.

    The most important part is, you must know what body part starts your swing. With my method, the “front shoulder” or “both shoulders” turn first… THE SHOULDERS MUST START THE BACKSWING. So, practice (even without a club)… looking at a target… letting your face come back to the ball…Then think “FRONT SHOULDER”. You must put in the time (25 time in the AM… the 25 times in the PM), starting the backswing, so you’re comfortable and it becomes AUTOMATIC. It won’t become automatic until you put in the time to teach your shoulder to start! Then practice the whole routine:

    1. Visualize

    2. Walk up

    3. Sit down

    4. Look at target

    5. Look back at ball… “SHOULDERS” Your front shoulder can push and your back shoulder can pull up towards your spine.

    Then on the course… tell yourself… “Follow your routine” and you will because you’ve practiced it and know what to do. HINT: do not add or subtract anything arbitrarily in your routine … learn to have the discipline to follow your routine… it will pay off.

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