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    Femgolf1 Aug 24, 2020
    I watched this video again this afternoon (in Nigeria) and I have watched it over and over about the WRISTS and hinging in the golf swing. The more I watch the more I get confused. My understanding is that the WRISTS do nothing and do not hinge in the backswing.
    I desire sir, my Professor, that you clarify this area where the club FALLS AND HINGES ON IT’S OWN to me.
    I am struggling with this area of the swing as I want to and I have been using absolute passivity of the hands in my training.
    Good afternoon sir.


    Ross Aug 24, 2020
    This subject has been discussed here a lot. Everyone looking for the “perfect” golf swing. The “perfect” golf swing is the one that works for you (on any given day). If there were perfect golf swings, you would not see the best players in the world win one week then miss the cut the next… so, in my search for a more “reliable” golf swing (over fifty years now), I discovered many things about reliability vs perceived gains. What I mean is… what do you gain in hinging? maybe a little distance (maybe)? You will definitely lower your reliability with hinging. Here is a post I wrote as I was questioning hinging and removing variables in the golf swing. Please read and then you can experiment for your own game.


    Femgolf1 Aug 24, 2020
    Thanks so much for your usual prompt response to my request/question. The reference site nailed it on point just as your answer. The essence of the question originally is to be convinced that I am working on the right thing and to maximize the privilege of meeting you as the best teacher to me.
    The reference site has given me the confidence I need to continue with what I am working on@ locked WRISTS and even firm grip to help keep the WRISTS intact THROUGHOUT the golf swing. I am not there yet and so I will continue to brief you as I progress. Many thanks once again my Prof.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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