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    alanschulte May 06
    Ross: Can the start of the downswing be initiated by a slight lateral move of the left knee (for right handers) forward followed by a turning of the left hip? I find myself spinning out with just a hip turn. Thanks.


    Ross May 07
    Hi Alan
    You can definitely start the downswing with the left knee “unwinding”. This is actually what happens when you unwind from ground up. You should not have the need to laterally move to the left or shift back to the left if you had setup (and maintained) a slight majority of your weight on the forward (left) side. If you have this need, you may be sliding a bit towards the back foot on the backswing or setting up with too much weight on the back foot to begin with. In the Swing Section, there is a Lesson Video called “Front Knee starts Unwinding” that will show you some of what I’m talking about. I say “Hips” because I found over the years, that telling student to start with the front knee was not conveying the feeling of unwinding vs starting with hips, but what ever works for you… do it. Oh, one reason you have the “spinning out” feeling using hips, is being stuck with too much weight on the back foot. Try the “Front Foot Drill” in the drills section.


    alanschulte May 07
    Thanks Ross. That was both easy and effective. AS

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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