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    encil Apr 02, 2017
    S&T teaches connecting the arms to the body and maintaining the “flying wedge”. Do these teaching points relate to your method ? S &T also teaches more weight on the front foot – it seems that your method and S&T have some “common threads”?


    Ross Apr 02, 2017
    My method was established about 15 years before S & T came out. As far as I know we have nothing in common since I’ve never looked into their method. We do keep at least 60% weight on the front foot for more consistency, and so we can rotate without the need for an unreliable weight shift to the front leg first (traditional golf).


    encil Apr 03, 2017
    Ross, being a retired educator and teacher trainer, I feel like I can somewhat detect good teaching and I greatly admire your passion and dedication. I must admit that in my 50 years of playing and studying our great game that I have been influenced more by Homer Kelley than perhaps anyone. Nicklaus is probably next .Kelley taught me the importance of impact and Nicklaus the wisdom that the secret to playing the game is knowing what YOU can do . I love what you teach about the hands . I’m 74 and shot better than my age for the first time when I was 66 . I still play the regular tees but I’m still looking for a better way and I think it involves the role of the hands. the great golf mind Jackie Burke said “Your hands can’t go faster than your body turns.” This thought has lead me in my endless search to your method-I’m trying to see if it works for me. As I said in my earlier post ,your method and S&T contain many Golfing Machine fundamentals .
    Be Well – Encil


    Ross Apr 03, 2017
    Thanks for the nice comments.

    Golf is about 2 things… direction and distance (that’s all). I would like to also mention, there are many aspects of golf, and the golf swing is only one part.

    My method uses the entire body at impact, as a sum to move the ball. All of the body mass is being used*. I incorporate an athletic move to the golf swing, like throwing any object. We use the Large (more repeatable) Muscles to move the arms/club for more reliable impact, and that equates into more accuracy with both direction and distance. I’m not implying you’ll hit the longest 7 iron ever, but you’ll hit it straighter and about the same distance each time, due to a square face at impact and finding the sweet spot more often.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is … the hands are only a small part and all they do is hold the club. If they “flip” the club head everything changes (path, face angle, shaft angle, loft, direction, etc.) and we know what happens next… golf can be more fun when almost** everything below the shoulders is maintained letting the big muscles do the work.

    * More mass is more efficient at times … like pitching a ball out of deep rough. The body mass rotating, can pull the ball out much easier than a stationary body using the arms or hands (much weaker)

    ** The elbows need to bend a little (at different times) depending on the shot, but they do not move on their own.


    encil May 20, 2017
    Ross, would I be correct in saying that you can’t swing faster than you rotate? I think that maybe my “flipping” is caused by my hands trying to add speed instead of letting them just go along for the ride.
    Be Well,


    Ross May 20, 2017
    First … you can do anything you want if it works for you.

    Second … since we do not use the hands/arms to help*, your maximum rotation speed is as fast as you can rotate. Also, if you have maximized the backswing, and then use your maximum downswing rotation speed, you’re maxed out. I also believe your max backswing/downswing can change slightly at different times (not warmed up, warmed up and excited, tired at the end of the round, weather conditions, extra/less clothing like jacket etc.)

    * It is very important to understand, if your hands take over or help, your body stops. You don’t get both … your body won’t turn and hit at the same time. A person swing an axe into a tree, will not keep turning his body and hit the tree with his hands throwing the axe, at the same time, he’ll stop his rotation just before the hands take over to hit at the tree. The body stops to take on a “supporting role” so the hands have something to swing against to throw the head of the axe. This action (stop body, throw club head) in golf, makes for a very bad golf swing and it not reliable.


    encil May 20, 2017

    I believe that I am ready to start preaching the DUPLESSIS gospel. Impressed with your knowledge and the speed of your response!
    Thanks Encil

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