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    Ed_Blackburn1 May 01, 2017
    Hi Ross, I was reviewing your chipping and pitching vids today prior to practice and it looks like your right hand is on the shaft itself just below the end of the grip. Is that part of the technique? Personal Preference?

    Two years in and my game steadily improves using your method, so thanks again.



    Ross May 01, 2017
    I grab a SW (other clubs too) dozens of ways. All up and down the shaft and have taken shots holding only the metal shaft off the grip completely (rare but it was needed). Another thing I do is change my grip. I may use Vardon or Interlocking or 10 finger and like all of them. It really does not matter if you’re not flipping through impact. It really depends on the shot I see in my mind and how to get the job done. I love to choke down for control. The important part is that the SW leading edge must be “flat to gravity”*

    In general, I’d teach … having the pad of the front (left for right hander) behind the little finger “on top” of the shaft, but that is not in stone. That is old school and is a good starting point.

    * Okay I made up another term, but it makes sense. If the ground was perfectly flat (no slope at all), the leading edge would be exactly flat, (no toe off the ground**), so the loft of the SW will move the ball exactly forward and square off the face 90° to the leading edge. This is CRITICAL especially around the green. Now, if you’re on a slope, you MUST adjust the leading edge to still be “flat to gravity”. This might mean adjusting the shaft angle up or down (holding the heel off the ground or the toe off the ground), so the ball will come off the face straight and roll end over end without side spin.

    ** Many sloppy golfers (or just don’t know), setup short clubs with the toe up off the ground. This makes the ball go left. Watch “Setup Sandwedge” at DUPLESSISGOLF in the Setup Section for more info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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