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    Anthony225 Aug 27, 2021
    Hello Ross,

    When executing the downswing in a full swing do you feel the body pull the right elbow down in front of the hips? Or is this supposed to happen automatically? I’ve been away from golf for a bit and feel like I’m still trying to catch back up. But this has been something I’ve not been sure about for quite some time. I’ve watched the Ross Move and associated practice drill but in the drill the right elbow is not bent so its hard for me to tell.


    Hi Anthony
    I feel the body pull the entire template (arms, club) down in front. You might want to think of the body swinging the arms/club back down and around to the left as you rotate. The body rotation does not want to leave the arms/club behind, so there is a sense of the body swinging the arms/club. I also think of the wrists trying to maintain the shape I started with at setup during this whole move until just after impact, so I can have the shaft in the correct position and a square club face at impact.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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