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    alanschulte Nov 24, 2021
    Ross: I was watching a video of the Ross Move and may have had an aha moment. It looks to me that your clubface is square to your sternum throughout the swing. It also appears that you are posting on the left leg or it is a “wall” that you move back toward. It also appears to me that the right shoulder moves back on the backswing, basically returns to where it was at during address at impact and following impact keeps moving left with the clubface remaining square to the sternum. It looks like the wrists remain firm throughout the swing. It looks like the old martial arts axiom to get real power move the skeleton, in this case it looks like the right collarbone and right hip are your source of power moving into and around the posted up left leg or the wall. I know moving the lower body is what gets you there but the movement of the upper body in this manner will have the same effect. It also appears to me that you have moved slightly ahead of where the ball was when the swing is finished. Am I totally wrong on this or is it another way to skin the cat? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


    Ross Nov 24, 2021
    As I was making the Ross Move, I was talking and trying to express a feeling, of how the entire body unwinding, brings the arms/club back down in front of the body vs the body just unwinding and leaving the arms/club behind. It is not an actual golf swing per se. I think your idea of the clubface square to the sternum may help keep the hands from opening/closing the face. Keep in mind also, my golf swing is not perfect by any means, and every golfer will look different at different points of the swing. It is the concepts of the Large Muscles controlling that is important to keep in mind… not necessarily specific check points during the swing. Yes, the wrists should remain firm until after impact they’ll relax. The power of this golf swing, comes from the entire body rotating, and trapping the ball along the way. At impact, I feel all muscles moving the ball while rotating.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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