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    Anthony225 Nov 04, 2018
    One issue I have struggled with is transitioning from the Ross Move drill to an actual swing. Especially transitioning to a full swing where the back elbow bends during the backswing. I guess I don’t fully understand the goal of the drill in relation to a full swing because during the drill the back elbow remains straight. Do the arms sort of fall back in front due to gravity + hip turn? Is this a synching actions to get the elbows rotating in front of the hips? I know I am asking a lot on one post but I’m a long time follower but I never quite got the swing down to the level I want it.


    Ross Nov 04, 2018
    Hi Anthony
    There is the “Ross Move” and there is the “Ross Move Drill”… two different lesson videos. The Ross Move Drill, is a much shorter version… meaning, the backswing is very short, so the back elbow has not gotten to the point where it starts to bend. Bending is not needed. We are just turning the shoulders a little so you can easily feel the body control the arms back down and through to the finish. Yes, the arms fall back in front due to gravity, but the feeling is the unwinding of the body accelerates, or kind of pulls the weight of the arms and club back down in front to speed them up. You do NOT have to actively rotate your elbows. Just let the arms/club return back down and around to the left (right hander).


    Anthony225 Nov 08, 2018
    Thanks Ross


    Joerog Nov 10, 2018
    Hi Anthony and Ross

    I too haven’t got this down to the level I want but I think it is down to not following Ross’ guidance and working up from a slower pitching wedge chip shot. Patience is required on my part :-). I wish you were in the uk for lesson, Ross


    Ross Nov 10, 2018
    Yes Joerog! Working with a short chip shot will teach you so much. A little pitch shot is just a small version of the full swing. Remember, the shoulders always move first and hips are turned by the shoulders later if more distance is needed.


    Anthony225 Nov 19, 2018
    Starting with a small pitch shot has not been successful for me. Reason being is that I can hold my angles more easily with short swings even though my technique may be off. When I move to full swings I start to lose it. Recently, I think that I may have found what works for me to get the elbows down in front of the hips and keep my wrists fixed. I tried a different swing thought on my mat in my backyard and it looks good on video even on full swings. It feels like my swing speed is faster with less effort. I will send an update after I try it on the range or the course.


    Ross Nov 20, 2018
    That’s great Anthony. It is always exciting to improve.

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