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    Anthony225 Aug 19, 2017
    Just to clarify my understanding of the Ross Move. On the backswing, the front shoulder pushes the shoulders straight back and around the spine. As this happens, the arms, elbows, and club (template) not only moves back but also moves away from the body. As the hips turn on the downswing, the template is pulled back to the body as the body moves the club forward with its rotation. In essense, all the arms do is pull the template back to the body (using gravity and bodu turn) as the body moves the template forward throught the ball.


    Ross Aug 19, 2017
    The Shoulders do all the work on the backswing. Then the body’s core (unwinding) bring the arms down and around to the finish. The arms never help or move independently. They don’t actively move away from the body (reach or stretch out) . Maybe through inertia they “elongate” (if the golfer didn’t setup the arms correctly with elbows close together), but the point is that you don’t use the arms to reach out or pull back in. There may be a slight pinching between the elbows “holding” or slight tension in the wrists to “maintain” the setup shape to the top and back down through impact. You want to feel the Shoulders do the work on the backswing, then just unwind and feel the body’s rotation bring the arms back down and around. There is a “harmony” in this move… again like throwing a ball… the body unwinds to move the arms/club through in one continuous move all the way to the finish. It is kind of like the body is swinging the arms, but if the arms/hands try to help, the body will stop and it ruins the move. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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